The need for special education and rehabilitation services is increasing.. This increase in need, brings with it a number of problems.. The main problem in special education and rehabilitation service, measuring the effect of programs applied to individuals with special needs. Inability to measure program impact expert qualification, It is closely related to the weekly education periods and the participation of the parents in the education.. Implementation of unmeasured programs causes all private education and rehabilitation centers to be perceived as having the same quality.. At this point, Özem differs from all other centers.. Implements evidence-based programs in the care center and measures the impact of the program it implements. That's why "My Self is Just Like Himself."

Specialization in special education and rehabilitation is as valuable as in almost any professional field.. The right specialist to touch the lives of individuals and families with special needs and increase their function., correct time, the right program and family involvement are essential.

Ozem interview, evaluation, programming, specialist training, family support and involvement, It is one of the rare institutions in our country that can implement the steps of measuring progress in scientific norms..

in our center

  • ABA Therapy (In the Original Concept)
  • Special education (Individual-Group)
  • Speech Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy (Sensory Integration)
  • Family Education Consultancy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Disabled Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Psychotherapy

With our talented and experienced personnel in their fields, we have been in Ümitköy - Ankara since 1999. Özem Special Education and Rehabilitation in the center serves.


our vision:

Internationally recognized, world class, following the contemporary innovations and leading the innovations, Being an educational institution that is taken as an example by other private education centers. Providing equal special education services of the highest quality to all our students at home and abroad, To create a chain of educational institutions where our students feel safe and all their expectations are met..

Our Mission:

To provide high quality special education services to individuals with special needs from all parts of the society., To serve our country by creating job opportunities in the private education sector, To ensure the continuous development of our staff and to work happily in confidence.

Our Quality Goals:

  1. To provide high quality education services to everyone with an equal and holistic approach.
  2. Creating employment in the education sector.
  3. To provide education services at international standards.
  4. To create a chain of educational institutions that will be the leader in the education sector both in Turkey and abroad.
  5. Providing a high quality of life in sickness and in health to all the people we serve.
  6. To create a working environment where love and respect are intense and all employees are satisfied with the service provided..

Our Values:

  1. Reliable workplace and service area
  2. A fair education service
  3. Open to innovation
  4. Subject to ethical rules
  5. Respect for student and employee rights
  6. A work environment with team spirit
  7. Productive, effective, effective and continuous health service delivery
Özem Special Education and Rehabilitation Center

we do?

We offer many opportunities for our disabled people in our center..
ABA Therapy is the treatment of behaviors that are seen as wrong or disordered. (anger, damaging, repetitive behaviors etc.) helps to integrate into society rules and conditions. It is known as the only scientifically proven method in the education of individuals with autism..
Bone for any reason, as a result of disorders in the muscular and nervous system, It is the rehabilitation of individuals who have lost their gross and fine motor development skills to various degrees..
Excessive or abuse of voice, Voice problems may occur as a result of neurology disorders and structural anomalies.. It is the correction of this situation with the developed techniques and treatments..
special education, integration of children in need, should include the individual in society as a part of social development.
In this therapy study, the basic emotions of the disabled person about himself and his environment are discussed.. It is a mirror for the disabled person to hold on to life and increase their harmony with themselves and the environment..
It is almost impossible to treat an individual alone., Family therapy is needed only in cases where individual treatment approaches are insufficient..
Excluded from the society due to any health problem, impaired body structure and functions or social or cultural group, applies to persons whose participation is restricted.
The client applying for the solution of psychologically based problems, until, couple, It is the "therapeutic cooperation-communication" process between families and groups..
It is to solve the problems experienced between all individuals that make up the family, and sometimes between parents or couples, together with individuals..

Özem Special Education and Rehabilitation CenterTo us contact

You can reach us through our communication channels and send all your questions and opinions..
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